Father. Administrator. Pahlawan.
About Me
You will note my growth and experience. What it cannot illustrate, however, is the degree of determination, resourcefulness, well-organized, eye-on-details and willingly to learn that I can offer.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

English & Malay proficient.


Well-organized and detail-oriented


Reading Books and Books Collection


Physically fit, exercises regularly

Tech literate

Use of computer application software, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel


Gain experience & ability

Organised desk
Administration Assistant

Administration assistant at health information service undertakes routine administrative work in relation to health records. Operated Medical Records Management System (MRMS) to locate, retrieve and tracking. This allow to deliver patients’ health records and case notes promptly.

Organised desk
Human Resource cum Administrator Officer

Administrative matters such assisting the secretariat department in administrative matters, answering phone calls, doing correspondences to other organization of government bodies, liaising with other organization, assisting in filing should the admin assistant is not around & ensuring the up keeping of forms around the headquarters.

Sunset in the mountains
Aviation Screening Officer (AVSO)

AVSO position in X-ray screening of baggage is one of the most effective and familiar front-line security measures used to help prevent the infiltration of weapons and explosive devices, because X-ray offers a convenient and unobtrusive way of checking baggage contents in a busy transportation environment.

Sunset in the mountains
Logistical Supply, Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

• Receive and Inspect all goods and services, coordinate with Sections and Units to inspect requested goods – cater for events, buffet style. • Monitors and follows up on status to ensure that procurement activity is undertaken to meet required delivery timetables. • Pre-preparation of Asian food, set-up of event’s buffet and banquet layout.

Husband, Father

Loving Husband to Dearest s.sabtu <3


Blessed with six children, a home & the struggle for the strongest of faith before leaving this life for the next. Syukor Alhamdullillah for all that Allah has given and yet to give! We ask for His forgiveness & ever abundant protection from evil. Aamiin rabbal alaamin